Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pesonal Reflection: “Slow is better. Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

My thoughts on taking multiple courses simultaneously and finishing the doctorate quickly:

No one got here without being ambitious, highly intelligent, and an overachiever. Also, everyone I’ve talked to here has a high-level job –no one is a parking attendant who gets to read while waiting for customers, for example.

I’m going to take things as slow as I can and try to do them as well as I can.

This perspective is informed by the experience of my second Master’s. First Master’s wasn’t all that hard because the courses were spread out over a longer period –I wanted to speed through them, but couldn’t because they weren’t offered sooner. My second Master’s was much more compressed. Added to that, my work demands rose along with my family responsibilities. By the time courses were done I was pretty much burned out. I then did my thesis juggling recovery and production, finishing on-time.

The challenge of a doctorate is that it’s about 4 years and not 2. With a Master’s, you can somehow drag your wounded, injured body across the finish line since it’s a relatively short process. The doctorate is a different story...

Anyway, that’s my humble perspective.


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