Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Resource: Roger's Diffusion of Innovations

I didn’t really understand how blogging would help with anything other than reflection until today. That was a pretty big discovery for me since I didn’t really have a system for dealing with all the information that we’re about to go through in our doctoral journey. I agree that it can be a good way of tracking thoughts, resources, etc. The alternative seems like a loose-leaf filled hell.

Here goes:

Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations
Yesterday I was introduced to Roger’s diffusion of innovation
2.5% are innovators on the bleeding edge, 13.5% are EA, then EM, then LM, then Lag.

I want to do research on bridging the gap between where people are with Ed. Tech use and schools and where they should go. This is a pretty useful piece of the puzzle. Not sure where I’ll use it, but I’ll definitely use it. Thanks.

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