Friday, July 17, 2009

Audio Blog: A Really Good Idea

Yesterday afternoon I met with Jean, Lisa, and Belinda for a nice chat on the lawn.

They told me about their audio blog effort. I thought it was a wonderful idea, but wanted to see it in action before commenting on it.

From an efficiency point, it’s wonderful as people’s times are used concurrently. This opens up more time for reading or group work.

From an academic point of view, the ideas of one’s peers do wonders for completing ideas in one’s own head. The conversation today took me places in my thinking that I otherwise wouldn’t have gone.

Another benefit is that it’s difficult to stay focused in class on a Friday at 3:00pm. The speaker was excellent, but the problem was with the exhausted audience. By knowing that I’d have to participate in a panel discussion with my peers immediately after, I had no choice but to listen. The immediacy of applying what I’ve heard in a critical way through discussion actually enhanced my understanding. Lastly, the act of participating and sharing with others similarly enhanced my retention.

Anyway, I’m really happy about ending my week off with such a wonderful discovery. Thank you peers for sharing your brilliant idea.

A good weekend to all,

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